Congrats, you're ready to start using Magecredit!

Quick Start Guide

Manage a customer's store credit

The manage a customer's store credit Go to Customers -> Manage Customers, select a test customer and click on the "Store Credit" tab. Try assigning store credit to a customer.


The reporting section is located in the Magento backend at Reports -> Customers -> Store Credit Report. Here you can check out store credit balances for customers in your store, export store credit balances as a CSV or XML (excel) file or view the total outstanding store credit in your store.

Customers Front-end View

As a logged-in customer, try a checkout and you should see the option to use store credit in the payment section of the checkout if the customer has any store credit available.

You can also try going to My Account as a customer to view the Store Credit section where customers can view their store credit balance.

If you're not seeing the "Store Credit" option like this in the checkout, please follow our Display Troubleshooting Guide.

Store Credit Vouchers

Magecredit has the ability to create store credit vouchers so you can give customers that don't currently have an account the ability to redeem store credit.

Store Credit Vouchers can be created/deleted/edited/managed from the Promotions → Store Credit Vouchers section in the Magento admin.

To learn more about store creidt vouchers and how to use them visit the Store Credit Vouchers section.

View Configuration Options

Configuration options for Magecredit are located in the Magento backend at System -> Configuration -> Customers (on the left) -> Customer Configuration -> Store Credit Options (Magecredit) Here you can:

  • Enable/Disable Store Credit Functionality
  • Show/Hide Store Credit History to Customers
  • Enable/disable Automatic Refund of Store Credit to Customers
  • Enable/disable Store Credit Balance Sharing Across All Websites
  • Change Store Credit Email Templates
  • Import Store Credit balances from a CSV



Running into any issues?

For troubleshooting help, please see out Troubleshooting Guide.