Store Credit Vouchers in Magento

Magecredit gives your Magento store the ability to offer store credit vouchers for customers that don't already have an account at a store.

Why use store credit vouchers?

Store credit vouchers are useful for in-store refunds. Instead of having to create an account or check if a customer has an account before giving a customer online store credit, the voucher system lets you simply give them a voucher code that holds a particular store credit value which can be redeemed at any date in the future.

Unlike issuing store credit to an account, vouchers don't hold a value in your store until the store credit voucher is actually redeemed.

Managing Store Credit Vouchers

To create a new store credit voucher, view existing vouchers, delete vouchers, or edit vouchers simply navigate in your Magento admin to Promotion → Store Credit Vouchers section.

From here you can create a new voucher, view existing vouchers and even export store credit vouchers to Excel or CSV formats.

Creating a New Store Credit Voucher

If you don't specify a voucher code, a unique voucher code will automatically be generated for you.

Viewing Existing Store Credit Voucher

Once a store credit voucher has been redeemed, Magecredit tells you when it was redeemed and by whome.

Note that you cannot edit a voucher's details once it has already been redeemed.

How do customers redeem vouchers?

To redeem a voucher customers must create an account in the store, then navigate to My Account → Store Credit. From there they will be able to enter in a store credit voucher code that they can redeem for store credit.

Note that you cannot edit a voucher's details once it has already been redeemed.

Import Store Credit Vouchers

You can also bulk import store credit vouchers.
Read our guide on how to do that.