How to Notify Customers in Magento When Store Credit Changes

This guide will show you how to send an email notification to your customer whenever you assign them any amount of store credit in the back-end.

  1. First, log into you Magento backend
  2. Next, System > Configuration > Customer Configuration > Store Credit (Magecredit).
  3. Make sure that the sender is set and a template is set. Magecredit pulls from your stored Magento configuration for this section.
  4. Now, go to the customer that you want to assign store credit to by going to Customers > Manage Customers and selecting a customer.
  5. Go to the Store Credit tab and assign some store credit to a customer.
  6. Check the "Notify Customer By Email" checkbox
  7. If you're using multiple website store views then also select the store view that you want to send the notification from.
  8. Hit 'save' to assign the store credit update to the customer.

And that's it! If you normally get BCC from notification emails then check your email inbox. We recommend you try this with a test customer before going live.