How can Customers Pay For Store Credit With Real Money?

Customers can purchase store credit with real money as of Magecredit This feature lets you give customers the ability to top-up their store credit account with real-life funds and purchase methods.

To setup this functionality follow these steps:

  1. Create a new virtual product in your store
  2. Set the SKU of the product to anything you want, but include "store-credit" in it exactly like that. For example: "store-credit-100".
  3. The base price of the product will be equivalent to the amount of store credit that will be added to the customer's account after the store credit item has been paid for.
  4. Ensure that the qty in the inventory section is not being managed
  5. Set the tax class to "TAX EXCEMPT". Store credit purchases in most countries in the world are tax exempt since take is charged to the customer upon usage of the store credit.
  6. Optional: Give customers a discount using the special or tier price fields to incentivise them to put their money into the store account.

If you have completed these steps properly then you will see a message after a purchase of the store credit product is complete. The message should look something like this: