One Step Checkout + Store Credit

Because magecredit adds to the Magento checkout using a layout update to seamlessly integrate with your layout, heavily customized checkout processes may need extra work to make the store credit usage options come up in the checkout.

Tested with Magecredit

The following extensions have been tested with Magecredit and work out-of-the-box, assuming no additional customizations have been made:

Other extensions that should work out of the box

These extensions have not been tested with Magecredit, but based on how they set template layout updates they should be compatible out-of-box:

  • J2T OneCheckout
  • Magento Templates - OnePage Magento Checkout
  • EcommerceTeam Easy Checkout 2
  • Quick One Page Checkout
  • Lotusbreath One Step Checkout
  • MAGExtended Master Checkout
  • Aitoc One Step Checkout Manager
  • AheadWorks One Step Checkout
  • FME One Step Checkout
  • MageWorld One Step Checkout Pro
  • GrafischDirect One Step Checkout
  • Fire Checkout
  • Apptha One Step Checkout
  • One Step Checkout by Amasty

If you're running any one of the extensions listed and would like to get help making Magecredit compatible please contact us via .

Unsupported Checkout Extensions

The following extensions are unsupported by Magecredit because they are either no longer supported by their developers or because they do not function with support for other payment method extensions out-of-the-box.

  • GoMage LightCheckout - Please contact the GoMage support team! They will give you a patch that will make it work with Magecredit
  • DeivisonArthur_OnepageCheckout
  • Smartwave_OnepageCheckout
  • MageStore One Step Checkout - **To make Magecredit work with this extension, please contact the MageStore support team. They will be able to modify their code so that it adds support for Magecredit.

General Compatibility Guide for Developers

In general, Magecredit requires the store credit field to represent "use" or "don't use". This is done basically by just setting the ['payment']['use_customer_balance'] request value to 1 if you want to use store credit, or 0 to not use store credit after a quote/order total update - just like Magento's core checkout does it. Assuming the 3rd party checkout module does not hinder any observers or checkout blocks, Magecredit will observe the quote and update the total.
You can look at app\design\frontend\base\default\template\customerbalance\checkout\onepage\payment\additional.phtml for reference.