How to Import Store Credit From a CSV File

Magecredit allows merchants to import customer store credit balance updates from a CSV file. This is especially useful when migrating from another system such as Magento Enterprise, Magento GO or for migrating from other extensions such as the ones provided by aheadWorks, Mageworx, Mageworld, etc.

This feature is available in Magecredit version 1.0.1 and newer.

How to Import From CSV

Importing store credit balances from a CSV is easy to do. Once Magecredit is installed, simply log into your Magento backend admin, go to System -> Configuration ->, then scroll down and click Customer Configuration from the menu on the left. Once this page has loaded find the Store Credit (Magecredit) options group and expand it to see the "Import Store Credit" option come up. Click "Choose File", select a file from your computer and when you're ready hit the "Save Config" button at the top. Magecredit will immediately begin importing customer store credits.

How Are Store Credit Amounts Read?

Store credit amounts are read as a delta. If the row contains a negative amount, Magecredit will deduct from the matched customer's store credit balance.

Format of CSV File

CSV Files should be presented in the following format:

If no website_id is specified and only email is supplied then Magecredit will assume the default website is used. If you share store credit balances across all your Magento websites then you don't need to worry about this.

In any case, the first row should be a header having the field names as given above.

Importing from Magento GO

If you exported a list of customer store credit balances from the deprecated Magento GO platform then you should be able to import the CSV list AS IS using the methods described above.