How to Import Store Credit Vouchers From a CSV File

Magecredit allows merchants to import store credit vouchers from a CSV file. This is especially useful when stores want to distribute vouchers, e.g. as printed coupons, where each coupon has a unique identifier.

This feature is available in Magecredit version 1.5.0 and newer.

How to Import From CSV

Importing store credit vouchers from a CSV is easy to do. Once Magecredit is installed, simply log into your Magento backend admin, go to Promotion -> Store Credit Vouchers then click the "Bulk Import" button on the top right.

In the new dialog click "Choose File", select a CSV file from your computer and when you're ready hit the "Import Vouchers" button. Magecredit will immediately begin importing the credit vouchers.

You will get a message upon completion:

Format of CSV File

CSV Files should be presented in the following format:

The first row should be a header having the field names as given above.