We Developers

  • 100% open souce, Zend-style, PSR2-compatible, clean code.
  • Works on any local/dev site (unlimited use)
  • No rewrites or bad code - build by a Magento Certified PLUS software engineer.
  • Fully extendable models and config.
  • Fully RESTful remote API with examples.
  • Dedicated certified Magento developer support contact.
  • Great support articles for developers and for merchants.

Seriously, we do developers. Why?

Because it's the developers that are working on merchants' sites that have to deal with all the crappy code novice programmers wrote that are now slowing down the site.

Because it's developers that put up with outragious timelines, but still somehow manage to get the job done on time.

Because it's the developers that once its all said and done, one all the fires are put out and the customers are put to rest - still give credit where it's due, and are ready to get back at it again the next day.

So yes, we do developers, and here's what we offer to make the developers' life (and consequently the client's life) easier.