About Us   


We know Magento.

We have official Magento Certified Plus developers working on Magecredit. That means that you can expect Magento-quality code and design from us. We’ve even got the badge to prove it.

We do our development in-house.

Unlike some developers that outsource all their technical work to low-cost offshore camps, we’ve do all our development in-house in Canada & Germany. That means our developers actually care about what happens to your store after you install Magecredit and you can reach us when you need us.

Our coders are experienced.

Our coders have been working with PHP for over 14 years and working with Magento for over 6 years. That means you can expect that you get to avoid many of the issues that an inexperienced coder may run into. Yay!

We know merchants.

Our leadership has worked with thousands of merchants around the world and learned what works and what doesn’t. You can rest assured that we’ll make sure you stay away from the things that could cost you a lot of money in the future.

We actually care.

Our customer service is here for you. Our goal is it that our product helps you achieve your goals.