The Magento Store Credit Extension for Smart Stores

Refunds, returns and modified orders all result in money being taken away from your business. Add Magecredit's store credit functionality to your Magento Community Edition store to keep customers shopping.

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Takes 5 minutes to install and get started!

We’ve spent extra time making sure to use all standard Magento development standards. You can rely on our high-quality, Magento-certified development practices!

Simple Customer Interface

Customers can track in-store credit in their account and use it when they checkout.

Fully Customizable Display

All phtml and CSS skin files are profiled and can be fully customized to match your store’s theme and layout.

Store Credit Refunds/Memos

Refund orders directly to in-store credit instead of refunding to the customer’s payment method.

Here’s how it looks on a default Magento store:

Choose the best-in-class Store Credit solution!

  • Support for multiple Magento stores
  • Takes 5 minutes or less to install with FTP
  • Easy to customize and configure